Thursday, January 24, 2013

my home gym

Funemployment has meant giving up certain things I once took for granted. I had a membership at a gym walking distance from my apartment in Chicago. Here, I have to make do with running and exercise videos. I bought a Biggest Loser DVD over the holidays. I've never seen the television series, but the workout kicks my ass every time. Also, the helpers are all people who have actually appeared on the show. So even though they are certainly thinner than they once were, I am still thinner than them, which is uplifting.

Otherwise, I do a lot of yoga.

I've been doing yoga with my mother nearly every other day. Often, her dogs try to join us by crawling all over her and her mat. Who says they can't do yoga too? Downward Dog had to get it's name from something.

In my quest for meaningful employment, I briefly considered moving to a yoga retreat in northern Michigan in exchange for room and board for a few months. It included vegetarian meals, deep discussions of a spiritual nature, and daily yoga and meditation practice. Unfortunately, they do not allow pets and I can't bear to be separated from my cat.


  1. I once saw a woman doing step-walk aerobics on Washtenaw. She was using 4 Campbell's Soup Cans as weights (I'm not sure what kind of soup it was though).

    I own a track suit and whistle, let me know if you need a life coach!

    1. My best friend's mom swears by the soup can method!

      I can't help imagining you in a track suit as the woman from Glee.