Wednesday, March 13, 2013

orange carrot beet juice

I've started juicing again (not steroids). I've been trying to rise early and make juice for breakfast. This time of year I always feel a little downtrodden because I'm ready for fairer weather. Every time it snows is like a slap in the face. All I do is daydream about camping and running outside and swimming and friendship bracelets. Something about drinking fresh juice makes me feel like it should be warm outside. Maybe I can fool myself into thinking it's springtime.

Orange Carrot Beet Juice

Orange Carrot Beet Juice

2 oranges
4 carrots
1 beet 
Fresh ginger, to taste (I use around two inches)

Peel your oranges, beet, ginger. Carrots only need to be peeled if they aren't organic. The outer layer will contain pesticides in conventional carrots that should be removed. Juice and enjoy.

Orange Carrot Beet Juice

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